School + Camp Lunch Program

For bulk orders only placed by school & camp organizers

Our kids lunches are made with growing bodies and pallets in mind. Ingredients are simple, fresh and do not contain additives. Everything is made in house. Meals are rich in nutrients and in flavour!

Though lunches can be made nut free, our facilities are not. We do our best to accommodate nut free lunches, however cannot guaranteed cross contamination of nuts or other allergens.

We opt for sustainable packaging whenever possible and hope you are set up for recycling the boxes or paper bags we will provide you with.

Min order 10 and up to 120 packed lunches for little kids.


  • 1 kids size gourmet sandwich on fresh focaccia
  • 1 kids oat chocolate chip cookie made with pumpkin seeds and reduced sugar
  • side of cut vegetables
  • Juice box


Local Chicken Pulled roasted chicken, zucchini pickles (contain onions), soft chèvre, garlic aioli, greens 

Abner Salami & Wilton's Cheddar dijon aioli, greens

Brie LT Vegetarian with pesto aioli, tomato & greens