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Kingston Patio Eclipse Viewing

Join us on our licenced waterfront patio for the viewing of the eclipse on Monday, April 8th! Remember to bring your eye protection and check the city plan on best way to get here. King St will be closed - we recommend hoping on the free public transit ride available for visitors on Monday!

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3-497 Cataraqui Woods Dr | Kingston | K7P 0V3

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Working out of our space?

Thanks to so many loyal customers, our café gets very busy during peak mealtime hours. We welcome and encourage your brief meetings and technology time. However, due to our tight space, we ask laptop users to be mindful of the time spent at tables to allow other patrons to have a chance at sitting down for their meal. To honour this, we have instilled a ‘laptop free’ policy between 11am-2pm. Thank you for sharing the space!