Box Lunches + Platters


Thank you for choosing us to host your gathering!

We offer platters & box lunches ideal for lunch or brunch

1. Pick your style: Platters | Box lunch

2. Place order online up to 14 days ahead for pick up (more lead time will better guarantee fulfilment of large orders)

3. Wait for order confirmation.

Declined Order? Might be due to...

Availability of product - We just might be low on inventory

Short notice - Ordering 1 to 2 weeks ahead for large orders helps us better prepare

Overwhelming demand within a given timeframe

Please feel free to contact us to further troubleshoot your order


If your order is simple and you can plan ahead, delivery can be made possible through UberEats

Box Lunch

Sandwich | Green salad | Cookie | Drink

Serving capacity up to 50

Order min 72 hrs ahead - better selection with more notice


Sandwiches | Treats | Salads | Parfaits | Drinks

Serving capacity of up to 100

Order up to 14 days ahead

Tett Centre & Isabel Bader Events

Running an event or workshop nearby?

Ask us about on site delivery options, coffee cards, $5 vouchers, and running tabs

Chose box lunch or platter style for your next catering