• Breakfast Sandwich
    buttermilk biscuit, ‘Beking’ soft poached egg, ‘Barrifield’ bacon, ‘Wilton’ cheddar, house tomato jam
    Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwich
    buttermilk biscuit, ‘Beking’ soft poached egg, French brie, red wine braised peppers
    Beking’s Yogurt Parfait
    house made granola, berry compote, chopped pecans, dried apricots and black sesame
    Egg & Cheese boat | Khachapuri (at Terra Verde only)
    bread baked bowl filled with egg, crumbled feta & mozzarella, with side of tomato & cucumber salad

    Tomato Basil | Roasted Squash | Potato Leak |
    selection varies between locations w focaccia | also available in 1L take home                                  
    Fig & Pecan
    mixed greens, cucumbers, shaved carrots, crumbled feta, sesame seeds & ‘Kingston Olive Company’ fig balsamic vinaigrette
    Roasted Beet 
    mixed greens, cucumbers, roasted walnuts, crumbled feta, beet tahini & lemon honey vinaigrette


  • Local Chicken
    zucchini pickles, soft chèvre, roasted garlic aioli, mixed greens
  • Brie-L-T
    ‘Forman Farm’ tomatoes, torn basil, garlic pumpkin seed pesto aioli, mixed greens
  • 'Abner' Mennonite Salam
    red wine braised peppers, olive tapenade, ‘Wilton’ cheddar, dijon aioli, mixed greens
  • Warm ‘Wilton’ Cheddar Bacon
    apple dijon compote, charred onions, roasted garlic aioli, mixed greens
  • Roasted Squash (seasonal)
    chickpea hummus, crumbled feta, roasted pecans, mixed greens
  • Mediterranean Mushroom (seasonal)
    roasted ‘Fungi Connection’ mushrooms, crumbled feta, tzatziki, pesto pumpkin aioli,  mixed greens
  • Currie Chickpea Smash (seasonal)
    House curry, turmeric, herb & chickpea spread, grainy dijon garlic aioli & mixed greens


  • Regular
    sandwich | side soup or mixed greens | cookie | drip coffee, tea or sparkling water (upgrade drinks available)
  • Kids
    salami & cheddar sandwich w/ dijon aioli & greens | veggie sticks | kids oat chocolate chip pumpkin seed cookie | fruit juice box



Esedra Pinot Grigio | Italy | 2021
Spy Valley Satellite Sauvignon Blanc | Marlborough, NZ | 2021
Scheuermann Vidal | Westport | 2018
Broken Stone Chardonnay | Prince Edward County | 2021
Cellier Des Demoiselles Chardonnay | France | 2022
Lisetto Prosecco  | Italy | 2021


Les Oliviers Grenache Rosé | France | 2021


Cloudsley Cellars Pinot Noir | Niagara | 2020
Cuvée Jean-Paul | France | 2022
Scheuermann Pinot Noir | Ontario | 2019
Terre Natuzzi Chianti Riserva | Italy | 2017
Combel La Serre Le Pur Fruit du Causse Cahors | France | 2021
Bus.9 Aragonez - Syrah | Portugal | 2020
Roko Il Vagabondo Montepulciano | Australia | 2022
Wine Delivery


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Though we are not an allergy free facility, we do our best to accommodate your needs when we can. We work with a variety of nuts, eggs, gluten and other foods in our kitchen and therefore cannot guarantee orders will be free of traces of allergens. Please let us know your dietary restrictions upon ordering so we can help guide your selection.