Our team has become a family and together we care about making our guests feel at home. Come hang with us 7 days a week! Enjoy the space, the food + drink, and great conversation.  

Everything we do is guided by three principles that inform our values of kindness, learning, openness, and adaptability.


    Our space is your space. Community starts with our team and the investment in their wellbeing through training, a meaningful compensation package, and deliberate work-life balance. It is then extended to our relationship with suppliers and guests.


    Reducing waste, advocating for change, buying local, choosing smart packaging – we are at the tail end of a larger/broken system which simply requires unwavering advocacy and constant change management. We stand behind systematic change.


    Our goal is to create consistently exceptional experiences at every visit. Good quality lasts. It lingers like the flavour of an amazing cup of coffee, or the distinct taste of a salad dressing perfected by experimentation and collaboration.

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Fuelling connection + growth in a learning and collaborative environment

Some of us are cross trained to allow flexibility and adaptability in our service

Our Philosophy

We are a team oriented business, delivering a unique customer experience through quality food + drink all made in house, while honouring sustainability in our practices. We are constantly adapting to the changing environment, responding to customer needs one learning opportunity at a time. We do our best to source the finest ingredients from local farmers and businesses when possible and we are especially grateful to be an integral part of Kingston’s academic and arts community.

Join our Team!

Open Positions

Back of House Kitchen Crew (with potential to take on a lead role)


Apply to join our team

Thank you for your interest in working with us! To apply, please follow the steps below:

  1. Send your resume to info@junipercafe.ca and tell us why you'd like to join our team.
  2. We will hold on to your resume until a position opens up at which point you will be contacted for an interview.
  3. Successful applicants will be contacted within 30 days.