Catering B2B

Online orders can be placed up to 7 days ahead

changes seasonally | sample menu below

Breakfast Sandwich  
buttermilk biscuit, Beking’s poached egg, Pig & Olive bacon, aged cheddar, house made tomato jam 

Veggie Breakfast Sandwich   
buttermilk biscuit, Beking’s poached egg, red wine braised peppers, French brie 

*** Available after 10am ***

tomato basil | served with house focaccia 


Fig & Walnut 
mixed greens, cucumber, shaved carrots, crumbled feta, sesame seeds & ‘Kingston Olive Company’ fig balsamic vinaigrette 

Roasted Beet 
mixed greens, cucumber, roasted walnuts, feta, beet tahini, lemon honey vinaigrette

SANDWICHES   | add soup or green salad

Local Chicken 
chèvre, zucchini pickles, roasted garlic aioli, mixed greens 

‘Abner’ Mennonite Salami 
olive tapenade, red wine & braised peppers, aged cheddar, Dijon aïoli, mixed greens 

Warm Cheddar & Bacon 
charred onions, apple Dijon compote, garlic aioli, ‘Wilton’s’ cheddar, mixed greens 

'Forman Farms' beefsteak tomato, torn basil, pumpkin pesto aioli, mixed greens

Roasted Squash 
‘Glengarry’ feta, chickpea humus, roasted pecans, mixed greens 

Mediterranean Mushroom 
‘Fungi Connectio' sauteed mushrooms w garlic & onions, pumpkin seed pesto aioli, crumbled feta, mixed greens 

Gluten-free and vegetarian options available

Designed to offer brunch, lunch and coffee break spreads for your teams.

Pricing and size adjusted to suit ease of catering large groups. Place orders up to 4 weeks ahead.