changes seasonally

Gluten-free and vegan options available Most of our ingredients are sourced from local farms & food producers year-round!

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Breakfast Sandwich   $8
Buttermilk biscuit, Bekings poached egg, double smoked bacon, aged cheddar, tomato jam

Veggie Breakfast Sandwich  $8
Buttermilk biscuit, Bekings poached egg, marinated peppers, basil, Albert’s leap brie

*** Available after 10am ***

SOUP                                    $8
Seasonal soups change daily.

SALAD                                    $9

Burt’s Greenhouse Greens w/ shaved local carrots, beets, cucumber, topped with seasonal berries/fruit, red wine vinaigrette

Spelt Salad w/ roasted carrots, feta, pumpkin seeds, candied lemon, lemon olive, Burt’s greens

Roasted Beet w/ horseradish cream, pecans, ‘Glengarry’ chèvre, red wine vinaigrette,  Burt’s greens

SANDWICHES                 $11   (add soup or choice of salad $16.00)

BrieLT w/ Tomato, Burt’s greens, pesto aioli

Local Chicken w/ Glengarry chèvre, zucchini pickles, roasted garlic aioli, Burt’s greens

‘Wallace Co-op’ Beef w/ horseradish cream, pickled onion, Burt’s greens

‘Abner’ Mennonite Salami w/ olive tapenade, red wine & basil braised peppers, aged cheddar, Dijon aïoli, Burt’s greens

Pork Belly w/ Quinn’s pork belly, charred onions, apple Dijon compote, brie, Burt’s greens

Roasted Squash w/ Glengary chèvre, humus, pecans, Burt’s greens

SOCIAL BOARD  $21 (Available during the summer months)

Rotating charcuterie & cheese options

Paired with house-made focaccia and preserves

Food Philosophy

Localy sourced

We do our best to source our ingredients from local farmers and businesses. Administrative support to business is also provided by local professionals.

Real Food

All menu items are made in-house with fresh food closest to their natural state. By default, the food you get will be rich in nutrients, energy, and flavour.

Quality Ingredients

From the coffee & tea we serve, to the various oils we use to cook in, we aim to provide you with top notch products.


We do our best to lower our carbon footprint. We encourage the use of re-usable dishes, including our vintage collection. We recycle as best we can and currently working toward an organic waste solution. Please join us in maintaining a clean environment by placing your waste in the appropriate bins!