changes seasonally

The menu on this page is a sample of what you can expect on your next visit
Our sandwiches & soups rotate through the year based on availability of ingredients
Please refer to the online ordering menu for up to date offerings otherwise


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Breakfast Sandwich   $9
Buttermilk biscuit, Beking’s poached egg, Pig & Olive bacon, aged cheddar, house made tomato jam

Veggie Breakfast Sandwich  $9
Buttermilk biscuit, Beking’s poached egg, red wine braised peppers, French brie


*** Available after 10am ***


SOUP                                    $8
Seasonal soups change daily


SALAD                                    $10

Fig & Walnut w/ cucumber, shaved carrots, dry fig, Burt’s greens, Olive Company fig balsamic vinaigrette 

Spelt Salad w/ roasted carrots, feta, pumpkin seeds, Burt’s greens, lemon honey vinaigrette  



SANDWICHES                 $11.5   (add soup or green salad $16.00)

Local Chicken w/ Glengarry chèvre, zucchini pickles, roasted garlic aioli, Burt’s greens

‘Abner’ Mennonite Salami w/ olive tapenade, red wine & braised peppers, aged cheddar, Dijon aïoli, Burt’s greens

Warm Cheddar & Bacon w/ charred onions, apple Dijon compote, garlic aioli, ‘Wilton’s’ cheddar, Burt’s greens

BrieLT w/ varying tomato varieties, pesto aioli, Burt’s greens

Roasted Squash w/ ‘Glengary’ chèvre, chickpea humus, roasted pecans, Burt’s greens


Gluten-free and vegetarian options available

Working out of our space? Thanks to so many loyal customers, our café gets very busy during peak mealtime hours. We welcome and encourage your brief meetings and technology time. However, due to our tight space, we ask laptop users to be mindful of the time spent at tables to allow other patrons to have a chance at sitting down for their meal. To honour this, we have instilled a ‘laptop free’ policy between 11am-2pm. Thank you for sharing the space!

Food Philosophy

Localy sourced

We do our best to source our ingredients from local farmers and businesses. Administrative support to business is also provided by local professionals.

Real Food

All menu items are made in-house with fresh food closest to their natural state. By default, the food you get will be rich in nutrients, energy, and flavour.

Quality Ingredients

From the coffee & tea we serve, to the various oils we use to cook with, rest assured, we take pride in selecting the best ingredients from reputable suppliers. Quality of ingredients matter!


We do our best to lower our carbon footprint and reduce waste. We encourage the use of re-usable dish ware, including our vintage collection. We recycle & compost and provide you with responsible packaging to do the same. Please join us in sensibly managing our waste and economic behaviours.